What are the differences between our cleaners?

Today we are looking at C101 and S105!

These cleaners can be used for cleaning equipment such as tools and cleaning off adhesives and overspray. 


What is the most significant difference between the C101 and S105 cleaners?

The C101 is based on citrus terpenes which are biodegradable and are not as aggressive as the S105.

The S105 is based on acetone, is not biodegradable and is more aggressive than the C101.


What is the difference between the cleaners from a health and safety perspective (human and environment)?

The C101 base is a natural product, whereas the S105 is a pure chemical product.

The C101 vapours are considered safer for your health than the S105.


What would you use the different cleaners for?

The C101 cleaner is used for Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) products. The S105 cleaner is used for PU products, as it's a lot stronger in comparison to the C101 cleaner.

The C101 cleaner is the preferred option for a lot of users as it's a healthier alternative. 


Why would you not use the C101 for the PU products?

The C101 is not strong enough for the PU products. 


Can I use both products to decrease/clean the surfaces of the substrates I am bonding?

Yes, you can use both products to degrease a surface, but you can only use the S105 for the preparation of a surface you want to bond.

The reason you can't use the C101, is that it leaves an oil film on the surface you have cleaned, this will then affect the bonding.


If you have any further questions, get in touch.

If you have any more questions regarding cleaners, get in touch with your distributor or Quin sales representative for further information.


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