Our troubleshooting guide - leaking guns

Our troubleshooting guide will talk you through what to do if your gun and hose and canister are leaking. 

Gun and hose

Tip connection leaking.

Step 1.                                                                       Step 2.                                                                   Step 3. 


Step 1.  Remove nozzle to reveal flat resting plate.

Step 2. Tighten flat resting plate with 14mm spanner.

Step 3. Clean the flat resting plate with a wire brush. Then re-attached the nozzle. 


Gun locked on spray

Step 1.                                                                    Step 2. 


Step 1.  Ensure the trigger retention nut is in the correct position against the leaver bracket.

Step 2. Not threaded forward against the seat nut.


Hose connection leaking

Step 1.                                                                  Step 2.


Step 1.  Tighten the nut with a 22mm spanner.

Step 2. The hose should have no wobble, if so it is too loose. Cross threading can cause damage.


Nozzle Leaking

Step 1.                                                                   Step 2.


Step 1.  When tightening, make sure to use a 22mm spanner.

Step2.  Make sure to have the tip at a vertical angle when applying.


Leaking from the needle shaft

Step 1.                                                             Step 2.                                                               Step 3. 


Step 1. Loosen nut with a 10mm spanner.

Step 2. Tighten nut with a 9mm spanner. While tightening, make sure the leaver handle still has movement.

Step 3. Then retighten. Make sure not to over tighten or  will be pointing up, stopping leaver movement.



Canister handle leaking

Step 1.                                                                   Step 2. 


Step 1. Make sure the hose is tightly attached and make sure not to cross-thread as this can damage the canister valve.

Step 2. Turn the handle on and off. 


Contact us

If after following all the above guidelines and one or more of your components are still showing signs of leaking, we would recommend getting in touch with your distributor. 


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