Are you using the right nozzle, for the right adhesive?

In today's article, we are going to discuss the five different nozzles we currently use at Quin Global UK and what the different numbers relate to. We will then go on to explain why you need different nozzles and finally, what the main issues customers face when they use the wrong nozzle.  

What nozzles are there?

We have five different sizes of nozzles for different uses. Each adhesive has a different viscosity and different spray angle and it's imperative that the right nozzle is used for the adhesive.

The five different nozzles are:

  • 4001
  • 6501
  • 9501
  • 802
  • Lechler

The number at the front 40, 65, 95 and 80 all refer to the angle the nozzles spray at. The numbers after these refer to the size of the actual nozzle. The lechler nozzle sits between 6501 and 9501 in size and spray pattern. The 802 nozzle we would always recommend using for thicker adhesives, mainly PU adhesives.

We would always recommend that you speak to your adhesive expert to make sure you are using the correct nozzle.

Why do you need different nozzles for different adhesives?

If you are currently using one adhesive and need to change to another, don't automatically think you won't need to change nozzles. Each adhesive and what you are looking to achieve with them will always be different. Therefore, you should always check you have the correct nozzle to enable you to accomplish what you require from the adhesive. 

It is also important to note, if you are moving from a web spray to a mist spray, you will need a different nozzle. The reason for this is mist spray adhesives are much lower viscosity and the 4001 mist spray nozzle has a smaller orifice size, in order to produce the fine mist droplet pattern. The mist spray nozzle also has an insert which goes into the back of the nozzle. This stops it from potentially dripping when the gun trigger is released, which if you are working with high gloss finishes, may cause aesthetic issues. 

What are the main issues with using the wrong nozzles?

The below are the main issues you may find if you have the incorrect nozzle fitted to your gun:

  • It will spray incorrectly; the spray should come out nice and clean and should not splutter
  • The nozzle will start to drip; this will cause you issues if you are looking for a high-gloss finish
  • You will get telegraphing if the correct nozzle is not fitted

A lot of the time, these issues will be fixed if you change to the recommended nozzle.

If you have any concerns get in touch, we are here to help

If you have any concerns over a gun and nozzle you are using, we would always recommend getting in touch with your sales representative.

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