Fixing a leaking gun

Here’s a four point checklist if your gun is leaking.

1. Check the hose connection to the gun. Does your hose swivel?

If so, it is too loose and needs tightening. The gun and hose are designed to join almost seamlessly together. This is to provide the adhesive with a straight, unbroken trajectory to the gun tip. Any breaks or gaps in this line will mean the adhesive will leak out.



2. Check the Gun tip.

Over time dried adhesive can build up on the gun tip. When this happens, the gun may not close properly, so the adhesive continues to dribble out after the trigger is released. To fix this, simply remove the gun tip and clean with TensorGrip C101. In extreme cases, a replacement tip may be required.


3. Tighten the backing seal.

The adhesive only passes through a very small part of the gun when being sprayed. To prevent the adhesive from leaking out of this area, it is sealed. This seal is held in place by a nut. Over time, this nut can become loose, causing the seal to move out of place. This needs to be tightened. However, be careful not to make this too tight, as it will cause the sliding pin to bind and the trigger will become stiff. Using a 10mm spanner gently tighten the nut 1/4 turn at a time. testing the trigger movement between each turn.

4. Tighten the opposing nut.

Ensure the nut on the opposite end of the threaded rod is finger tight against the gun trigger. This will allow the pin to seal and prevent leaking. Do not tighten this screw with a spanner as this will break the pin.