The difference between TensorGrip Composite adhesive and other adhesive used in the industry

The TensorGrip composites range is different from most other adhesives used in the infusion moulding industry in that they have been specially designed for infusion moulding and, in particular, for resin compatibility.

Those of you who work in the industry will be familiar with problems like no wet out failure, cloudy finish, Interlaminate failure, strength failure, heavy matting ridges, and bridging. Did you know that all of these problems are caused by the adhesive used to bond the layers of fabric during the infusion process?

Each of the TensorGrip Composites adhesive range are designed specifically to combat particular groups of these issues, that is also why we have a range, and not just “one adhesive for everything”. This does mean that choosing the correct adhesive for your application is imperative. Get the best result with the help of our adhesive experts, we can make this process easy for you.

Once you have chosen the best adhesive for your particular application, you won’t look back.

The TensorGrip Composites range includes:


TC42 is the best performer in terms of resin compatibility especially for epoxy. Its pebble spray is not conducive to a smooth finish and has a bit of over spray however, no wet out risk is at a minimum with Diab attesting that the adhesive increases the strength of finished parts. TC42 is perfect for wind turbine nacelles, spinners and marine applications. In terms of failure risk and product integrity it is probably the safest option when not expected to leave a fine mist finish.


TC43 has a strong web-spray that is ideal for larger composite projects using heavy matting. TC43 is soluble in all common resins, isn’t ideal if you need to reposition the matting due to its high tack, has no wet out risk, and can even be used to bond the resin distribution spiral hose to your mould instead of tape.


TC49 has a very strong instant bond and fast-tack within the first 3 minutes when working with carbon fiber and fiberglass matting. It has a strong, fine mist spray pattern making it great for small precise projects, right through to larger high-performance composite components. TC49 is compatible with Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy resins. When sprayed correctly this mist spray adhesive doesn’t leave residue on the mold after the infusion process. It is also great if you need to reposition the matting within the first 3 minutes.

Each of the TensorGrip Composite adhesives have been fully tested in our lab and compared with the most commonly used adhesives throughout the worldwide composites industry. The results of this testing are available on the website if you would like to view them.