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TensorGrip adhesives are specially for the task they do. You want to get the right product for the job.

It is our goal to make your life easier. That is why we have experts available for you to talk to.

Our Adhesive specialists are experts in their field, if you want to know which TensorGrip adhesive is best for you, give your local specialist a call. He can also point you to a local distributor who should have that product in stock, so you can pick it up that same day!

Our guys are here to make your life easier. We recommend getting to know them.


Adam Webb
0448 881 082


Steven Hincks
0448 080 004


Scott Williams
0439 214 120


Jayden Earl
 0417 207 732

South East Asia

BY Chua
+60  12 334 1416

Want to get the most out of your TensorGrip adhesive?
Because of their unique design TensorGrip adhesives are different to your regular contact adhesive. While you’ve got him on the phone, talk to your specialist and see how they can save you time money.