Inventing TensorGrip X41: Quin's Newest Innovation

Inventing TensorGrip X41: Quin’s Newest Innovation

A few months ago, Quin did some market research. In many acoustic lining applications, there was a need for a non-chlorinated, low odour adhesive. Quin’s commitment to formulating adhesives to make the work of those applying adhesive healthier was also forefront in the team’s minds.

When the Lab heard about this, they immediately set about formulating the best possible adhesive. The team already understood acoustic applications, and used this knowledge to create an adhesive designed to make the work of those applying adhesive simpler, faster and healthier.

The result was TensorGrip X41.

100% Polystyrene safe

Some acoustic lining applications use polystyrene as a surface to attach fabrics and other materials to. This is seen in applications such as office partitions. Other interior-use adhesives tend not to be polystyrene safe.

Non-Chlorinated Solvent System

Sometimes a non-chlorinated adhesive is a safety requirement, set by project managers and/or health and safety restrictions. TensorGrip X41 ticks these boxes.

You may be wondering if we use chlorinated solvents in any of our other formulations. We do. Here’s why. Non-chlorinated solvents are very flammable, whereas chlorinated solvents are non-flammable. It’s a trade off in every formulation we create, between choosing non-flammability or flammability and making that decision for the welfare of our customers.

Extremely Low Odour

Complaints about adhesive odour run rife in acoustic applications. TensorGrip X41 was formulated to have almost zero odour.

Extreme Tack & Bond Strength

Acoustic lining applications usually involve attaching substrates to walls or ceilings. Having very high tack means there’s a lot of grab strength, and applications are very simple. Add this to high bond strength and it ensures long-term bonds.

Controllable Spray Pattern

The canister system already provides a highly controllable spray pattern, but TensorGrip X41 has been formulated to be reduce bleed through. It has a very light spray pattern that is applied very quickly, giving room for greater precision when applying the adhesive.

Healthier for Staff

TensorGrip X41 saves your staffs’ back with a canister approximately half the weight. Along with all its other features, this makes TensorGrip a healthier option for the people applying adhesive.

X40 Canister

The Quin Lab team took every precaution possible to formulate the adhesive with the highest performing results. Whenever a formulation was created, it was put through its paces.. You can view part of this process below, where we compared TensorGrip X41 to TensorGrip X40, just to make sure it was on track.

You can also see an excerpt of the final testing data in Quin’s TensorGrip X41 lab report below, which made the adhesive a must-have in the construction range..

Product Feature TensorGrip X41
1 Hour Open Time Yes
High Heat Resistance Yes
Polystyrene Safe Yes
Non-Chlorinated Yes
Low Odour Yes
High Coverage Yes
Re-bond after heat exposure Yes

TensorGrip X41 will be available in April 2019. If you’re interested becoming a stockist, or have a technical question, we’d be glad to hear from you. Simply call 02 6175 0574 or email .