A misadventure in Asia

The saga began in Japan. Matthew Spandow flew here from Sydney on the 13th of November. Upon landing at 5 am, he entered the airport lounge to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Imagine his surprise when he found an automatic beer machine, which people were using to have their alcohol fix at the crack of dawn.

From here it was on to South Korea. After touchdown in Seoul, Matt discovered he’d been stranded by his luggage; it had decided to stay in Japan (Perhaps it enjoyed the breakfast beer?)  While he ventured on unbeknownst. So it was to the shopping centre; madly searching through racks of clothes. All in South Korean sizes. Hmmmm.

After purchasing a few essentials, Matt’s luggage finally joined him in time for the tradeshow. JEC Asia was certainly an experience. From the howling choir of Korean citizens outside raising strains praising their nation to the “Three twins” ice cream parlour inside the event. But all things aside, TensorGrip TC48 helped make an epoxy based carbon fibre kayak here, which was exciting to see.

Next, he met up with a few old friends for a delicious Korean dinner. It’s amazing what a few drinks can do; have you ever heard Korean/Japanese karaoke? After enduring a few hours of off-tune wailing in a foreign language, Matt fled to the confines of his hotel room.

Airport Security

Saying goodbye to South Korea was a little more difficult than anticipated. Matt was almost arrested for being a terror suspect at the airport. From Sydney to Seoul, he’d managed to bring along a few aerosol samples of TensorGrip. They were swiftly removed from his luggage while he was severely questioned about his intentions. We’re still trying to work out what the South Korean airport staff are creating with some sticky spray adhesives. Kindly, they left Matt with his bottles of soju.

Somehow, Matt managed to still make his next flight, destination Thailand. Here they eat dinner for breakfast. Matt had rice and chicken type dishes every morning (eaten with a spoon and fork of course).  There is also a no shoe protocol for indoors. Each time he visited a client, he was met by an entire staff wearing socks or slippers. From the boss to the receptionist. Shoes were ditched by the front door. After an encounter with a Thai fluorescent snake, it was out to “dinner with some dudes” before packing for Malaysia.

Bike Park

In Malaysia, when visiting a client, Matt discovered that they had a bike park. Not a car to be seen, just a sea of thousands of bikes jammed next to each other. We wonder how someone remembers where they parked.
After 2 and a half weeks spent in Asia, Matt breathed a sigh of relief when the plane landed at Canberra airport. What an adventure.