Trust Matters

Trust Matters

When it comes to distributors a manufacturer looks for someone they can trust. It’s the job of the distributor to ship the products to either the retail stores or directly to the customers of the product. This is essential in helping reach markets manufacturers could not otherwise target. Businesses often appoint distributors because a local business has existing customers, contacts and relationships, and understands the local business culture and practices better. The distributor becomes the manufacturer's direct point of contact for prospective buyers. By forming trusting relationships with partners, the manufacturer has peace of mind that their product will hold its value for the user.

This is why our distributors are so important to us here at Quin Global (UK) (Quin). As part of our stand at W18 this year we decided to give two key distributors (SIS Hopkins & The Glue People) the platform to work with us more closely and to engage users and potential users of our products. This gave them the opportunity to find out more about how Quin ticks and gave customers a clear understanding of the journey between manufacturer and distributor and the trust that exists between the two. We caught up with Pete from SIS Hopkins and Andy and Mark from The Glue People to see how they found the experience.   

How did it all go?

Both of our distributors felt W18 was a fantastic show and that they learnt a great deal while they were there. Pete from SIS Hopkins met a lot of his current customers during the two days he was there, which he felt highlighted just how well his area is covered. Meeting the Quin team was also another highlight for him and he found it a very enjoyable experience. Pete also had this to say “I feel what the directors have accomplished within the company is amazing and their ethical beliefs are very much reflected throughout the whole team as they all help each other out to do their best. Which is fantastic to see and was great to be part of.”

Andy and Mark also really enjoyed the experience and found it very beneficial. They were delighted to be invited onto the stand by Quin as it gave them a useful insight into Quin. It also gave them the opportunity to meet current customers as well as new ones.   

How did it all work?

Andy from, The Glue People, said “Being a distributor on the stand was valuable, as I met a lot of current customers who came onto the stand to chat and check in with me on all sorts of issues from pricing to service. We received a lot of interest on the stand, all were very high quality and the volume of the leads were beyond expectations. It also showcased how solid and strong the partnership is between the distributor and the manufacturer which I believe is important for the customer to see.” 

The distributors also found it useful to be out of the office environment as it gave potential and existing customers the opportunity to explain what they were looking to achieve and for Quin to provide solutions for them during the exhibition. The show also gave them the opportunity to be in front of people they wouldn’t normally be able to get in front of.  

Andy from, The Glue People, said “It was our first time at the Tensor stand and we found it very beneficial, as it gave us the opportunity to learn about Quin’s new products. It was also nice to have common ground with people as everyone who came onto the stand wanted to speak about adhesives which for someone who works on the road was seventh heaven!”

The opportunity was also a great way to break down barriers with customers as our distributors could chat with them over a coffee and find out their requirements in a more relaxed environment. The demonstrations areas were also appreciated by the distributors as it gave them the chance to showcase the product straightaway while chatting to the customers.
Mark from, The Glue People, said “It was a refreshing change to be on the stand for 2 days but very hard work. It was also great to meet the wider team at Quin and feel part of a team. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic, and we had great fun doing the live demos and the L12 challenge. The live demos were an integral part to the stand as the customers got to see the substrates they were using in their factories in real-time.” 

All our distributors enjoyed the experience and if the opportunity arose again would love to join Quin on their stand again.

Final Thoughts

As you can see having our distributors on the stand at W18 worked extremely well. It gave our distributors the opportunity to find out more about how the culture at Quin works and what goes on at our stand during a tradeshow. It also gave the end users of the product the chance to see the trust that exists between Quin and its distributors. 

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