Our New Wheelmark Certification

Quin Global UK are delighted to announce they have been awarded a WheelMark Certification for use in the marine industry on their products L17, M81 and G53 in September 2018.

Quin are excited that their customers will benefit from this new certification as they can now confidently use their adhesives in a marine environment and on any ocean-going vessel. 

Carl Fowler, Enterprise Business Director, said “Having the IMO Certification on 3 different products has further enhanced the depth of offering that Quin already provides. High Quality Products backed up by official testing houses with approved certification.

Quin went through a rigorous testing procedure to gain this certification. A surveyor representing Warrington Certification Limited attended their premises on 30th May 2018 to examine the production and factory production systems of the adhesives. This audit proved that Quin had all their systems and processes up to date and the manufacturing of their adhesive is consistent. Samples of the adhesives were then externally tested for surface spread of flame and toxicity to ensure they passed the needed criteria for use in the marine industry.

The certification confirms that the tested Quin adhesives satisfy the smoke and toxicity test by meeting the total heat release and peak release as stated in the IMO Fire Procedure Code. The testing also proves that the adhesives have been tested to surface flammability test, IMO resolution MSC 307(88).

The certification is issued on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), and shows the adhesives comply with the relevant international testing standards. This allows Quin to affix the U.S Coast Guard approval number 164.112/1121/WCL MED0524, as allowed by the agreement between the European community and the United States of America, on mutual recognition of certificates of conformity for marine equipment.  

The products that have received the Wheelmark Certification are:

TensorGrip® L17, which is a fire-rated, high temperature contact adhesive.

TensorGrip® M81, which is a high temperature resistant laminate spray adhesive.

Gekko G53, which is a rubber binding contact adhesive.

To ensure Quin keeps their certification up to date, they will go through a 5 year audit. This will ensure nothing has changed in the adhesives in any way. It also ensures their systems are still up to date and the adhesives still pass the required criteria. 

For more information of the individual products and the benefits –

M81 =

L17 =

G53 =


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