TensorGrip® L42 Recap - How It's Going

Quin Global UK were delighted to announce in May their partnership with CDUK with exclusive rights to TensorGrip® L42 Solid Surface Spray Adhesive.  As with bringing any new product to the marketplace we took the time to understand the market with CDUK and due to this due diligence, we now have an adhesive that is revolutionising the industry.

Gregg Rhodes, Business Development Manager, said “The reaction to the new way to bond Corian® has been phenomenal. As always, when you try to revolutionise an industry and change a process, it can be a frightening experience. However, due to the intense market research and thoroughness performed before launching this project, we understood the pain points for the industry.  We now have a substantial number of customers on the system. Furthermore, it is reassuring that some customers have invested in second systems!  We look forward to continuing our partnership with CDUK over the coming months.” 

The marketplace has really embraced TensorGrip® L42 and the feedback Quin have received so far has been fantastic. Mark Dennis, Head of Production at J. Rotherham Masonry, said, “The adhesive is working well on the Corian® side of things.” A great accolade to the hard work and attention to detail that went into the development of the adhesive. Since launching the product in May of this year CDUK have seen the sales of the adhesive rise steadily, which shows how the market has really embraced the product.

CDUK Sales Director, Andy Noble, said ‘The TensorGrip® L42 Adhesive is an ideal addition to CDUK’s product portfolio and, as its exclusive distributor, we look forward to supporting its promotion and further developing our partnership with Quin Global UK.’


Meet us at the show! 

If you would like to see TensorGrip® L42 in action, we will be partnering with CDUK at W18 to do live demonstrations. You will be able to see how effective TensorGrip® L42 is when it comes to bonding with Corian® solid surface. We will be demonstrating at CDUK’s stand (J700, Hall 6) during the below times:

Sunday: 2pm - 2.30pm

Monday/Tuesday: 2pm - 2.30pm

Wednesday: 10am - 10.30am

We will also be taking questions so if you are not able to attend we will be live streaming the live demonstrations. Send your questions into @QuinGlobalUK and we will ask our sales personnel while they are demonstrating the product. We will also be live on social media so if you’re not able to attend why not keep up to date on our Twitter and LinkedIn channels. You can also find out more about our products through our HOW 2 videos on YouTube here . Please go to our websites to find out more information on Quin Global UK and TensorGrip® We look forward to seeing you all there!


More on TensorGrip® L42

TensorGrip® L42 is an adhesive that can be used for bonding Corian® to MDF, for slabbing out big counters and also for ladder framing. The main benefit to this is time as the current method is to use silicone to bond the two materials together. This process can involve a lengthy curing time of up to 8 hours. With TensorGrip® L42, you simply spray both substrates and within 3 minutes place them together and you have a fixed piece.


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