Top 6 Benefits to our Joinery Range

With the W18 Exhibition edging ever nearer it started us thinking of the many benefits that wood provides us. It is one of mankind’s oldest building materials and has been used in construction since humans began building shelters, houses and boats. We have now even started to construct skyscrapers in timber that are larger, taller and more impressive than was ever thought possible. The tallest building so far stands at 53 metres high! There is also the evidence that it is good for our health and wellbeing with calming qualities and a decreased perception of stress. When you think of all the benefits it provides us with, what would we do without it! In today’s blog we take a look at the benefits our products provide the woodworking industry, so join us in counting down our top 6!

Number 1 is: Giving you the right curve

We know how difficult it can be to get the right curve and ensure that what you create is a strong and attractive curved structure. This is where our TensorGrip L12 adhesive comes into play. This highly engineered adhesive has proven to dramatically reduce production time. TensorGrip L12 removes the need to use mechanical fixings or traditional methods of bonding MDF and Flexi-ply onto curved structures, which can take up to 48hrs to cure.

Number 2 is: Ensuring your safety

For all joiners, carpenters, kitchen and shop fitter’s safety, within their workshops is paramount and here at Quin we care about your safety. Our completely Non-Flammable adhesive system including the propellant within the ZeroFlam L10N joinery product gives you that knowledge as they will not support combustion and will not create a flammable projectile. If your concerns or requirements include reducing any flammable risks, rest assured our L10N product will reduce the risk of flammable solvents and gas, minimising the source of fire. When it comes to our Fire Rated Adhesives such as TensorGrip LP61, once applied to a finished project it has class 0 fire rating. This is the highest of fire class, with clear evidence of reduced surface spread of flame and reduced smoke and toxicity.

Number 3 is: Providing you with a healthier alternative

Part of our values is to care and value others, and as such, we want to promote healthier adhesives compared to products that contain dichloromethane. Tensorgrip L22 is an example of one of our healthier adhesives that has been developed to pose the lowest possible hazards to your health. It gives you an immediate bond strength, is water resistant and has high heat resistance while also been non-chlorinated. This voids the need of phrases like H351 which states suspected of causing cancer.

Number 4 is: Giving you back time

We know how important time is to all our customers, especially when it comes to the woodworking market. This is why we have partnered with CD (UK) Ltd on an adhesive that can be used to bond Corian® to MDF. The main benefit to this is time as the current method is to use silicone to bond the two materials together. This process can involve a lengthy curing time of up to 8 hours. With Tensorgrip L42, you simply spray both substrates, and within 3 minutes place them together and you have a fixed piece. And most importantly, the L42 has passed all tests ensuring the adhesive remains flexible to eliminate stress fractures in the Corian Surface.

Number 5 is: Giving you quality and assurance

Within the woodworking industry we understand the issues you face on a day to day basis, especially when it comes to bonding Formica to worktops, cupboard doors and other surfaces. This is why we have tested TensorGrip L19 on the Formica ColorCore, Magnetic Laminate, Fundamentals, Ligna and DecoMetal ranges. The L19 adhesive has been developed with a unique resin formula which creates a tough and resilient bond line between decorative surface materials and all common wood substrates. This gives you all the assurance you require when working on all your woodworking projects.

Number 6 is: Providing you with practical solutions 

We know when it comes to all joinery projects that have a requirement for internal bonding requirements for Kydex, that it’s not the easiest to bond due to the natural non-stick properties it contains. This is where Quin comes in to solve your problems as TensorGrip L68 was developed to bond well to low surface energy and non-porus surfaces such as Kydex. This now gives you a practical solution for all your woodworking needs when it comes to working with Kydex.   


Final Thoughts

Very much like the benefits of wood which gives many different solutions to your joinery requirements, our joinery range have the adhesives to meet your project requirements. As you can see there are many benefits to our joinery products from giving you back time to caring about your health. Interested in finding out more about our adhesives? We will have sales personnel at our stand K505 at W18 to give you live demonstrations and answer all your questions, so why not come along to see us and grab a coffee while you are there! 

We will also be live-streaming from the show so if you are not able to attend you will be able to keep up to date on our twitter and LinkedIn channels.

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