What to Expect at IWF 2018 at the Quin Global Exhibit

Will you or your customers be attending IWF 2018? As a valued distributor of Quin Global, we wanted to give you the sneak peek of what’s in store for our booth, including show specials and demonstrations.

Which Products We’re Bringing

For the past decade, Tensor Adhesives – a brand of Quin Global – has been working to revolutionize the adhesive needs of the woodworking world. With nearly 40 years of experience in the woodworking market, the development team had heard every kind of complaint about gluing.  

But a few things stood out as truly fixable problems...

The Woodworking/Laminate (L series) and Foam & Upholstery (F series) ranges of adhesives are also available with TensorGlobal’s own CO-REZ technology, a highly engineered resin and gas matrix which uses less gas and provides more glue.


Like the tools used in a workshop, we understand that one adhesive may not work for every application. Imagine trying to use a Phillips screwdriver for every screw, including flat head or slotted screws!


Likewise, imagine trying to use a foam bonding adhesive to bond high definition laminate. Not the best idea. That’s why TensorGrip has a range of products for each application in each focus market. Our goal is to help the user achieve the perfect result for every job!


If you want to know more about the products we’ll have on display at IWF, check out our recent blog post.


The “Will it Bond?” Challenge

We’re putting our adhesives to the test at IWF 2018. Our in-house research and development team is committed to providing faster, smarter and cleaner systems, to reduce waste and increase our customers’ bottom line profits. We’re also focused on health and safety, and contribute to reducing user risk by producing safer, more environmentally friendly adhesives.

To get ahead of the curve and stay on the cutting edge, we want to involve our end-users and distributors to help us find new solutions. Whether that means exploring a new substrate you’re not sure how to work with, or improving your application process with substrates you’ve used for years– our team is up for the challenge.


To help you figure out what to bring along to test our adhesives, we invite you attendees to bring their substrates with them to IWF Atlanta - Get the details here.


TensorGrip Show Special

It wouldn’t be an industry tradeshow if we didn’t have a special offer for you to take back home to your shop!

We can’t share the complete details (it’s for show attendees only) so you’ll have to stop by our booth, #1918, to find out the specific details of the IWF special (a $250 value!).


New Quin Global Mobile Showroom

The biggest addition to the show this year will be the reveal of our mobile showroom. While the trailer will have some more bells and whistles added after the show to launch our Quin Global Innovation Roadshow, we want to give end-users and distributors a first look at the new rig!

See you soon!

We can’t wait to see you at our booth - #1918 at the IWF Show in Atlanta, Aug 22-25, 2018. Add us to your show planner so we don’t miss you!