Customer World Cup Competition

We are very excited to launch our Customer World Cup Competition.

As part of the World Cup 2018 we wanted to celebrate with our customers by giving them the opportunity to win free canisters and aerosols.  
So how can they win?  We asked them to:

  • Give themselves a team name (can be their company name)
  • We will then hold a live draw to allocate a country to them
  • This team will then become their team throughout the World Cup
  • Each time their team scores a goal they will win a canister or case of aerosols (12)
  • At the end of the World Cup we will count up how many goals their team have scored
  • They will then receive the amount of canisters/aerosols they have won.

The draw will take place live on Wednesday 6th June at 3pm on our social channels.

Each week we will update the goal table on our social channels so you can keep track of the teams and see how many canisters/aerosols they are winning. 

Good Luck!