Keeping your adhesive warm this winter

Adhesives need to keep warm in the winter.
If they get too cold, after a night spent in subzero temperatures, you’ll notice the adhesive will spray out wet and you'll get drips from the gun.

Dripping Gun

Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to prevent this.

Keep adhesive off the factory floor.

An unheated concrete floor is arguably the coldest place to store something in winter.
Plus, heat rises.
So by lifting the adhesive off the floor and storing it on a pallet or canister trolley, you’ll minimise the cold.

If you work in a super cold environment and your canisters get below 6 degrees C, you could install heating.
Which may not be practical, possible or affordable for you.

An alternative that won’t break the bank is:

Heater belts.

These are an electric blanket for adhesive containers.

Heater Belt Image

They wrap around your adhesive container and connect to a socket. This protects adhesive in the cold and maintains a constant temperature.

After you’ve attached a heater belt to your adhesive container, you’re set for the winter. Your glue will constantly be the right temperature and ready for use.

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