You Could Be Wasting $5000 A Year By Using Standard Contact Adhesives. Here's Why.

When you’re using a standard contact adhesive system, extra costs come  from the equipment it relies on  and it’s labour intensive process.

Each Year, It’s Costing You…

Air Compressor Cost + Set Up Cost + Clean Up Cost + Disposable Cost = Extra Costs Incurred

For the purposes of this article, we have included a realistic example in each of the sections. To work out exactly what it’s costing you, go to the formula and calculate with your unique  figures.
Based on our examples we sourced from the industry, the cost works out as;
$2163.20 + $1096.92 + $1096.92 + $204 + $500 = $5061.04

Keep reading to calculate just  how much this is costing you, and how you can free your business from these costs.

Air Compressors - $2163.20

Air CompressorTo work out  the cost of your air compressor, you’ll need to calculate the kilowatts per hour( kWh) it consumes.


(amps x volts) ÷1000 = kWh
(kWh x time used each day) x cost of electricity = cost per day
Cost per day x 260 = Cost per working yea

For example; Your air compressor consumes 45 amps of electricity. Multiply this by the voltage current (usually 110) to get the watts this amounts to.

45 x 110 = 4950 watts/hour
To get the kWh, divide by 1000
4950 watts ÷1000 = 4.95 kWh

Multiply this by the average cost of electricity in Australia (approx. $0.28 per kWh), and it’s costing you about $8.32 a day.

In a working year (260 days), that’s $2,163.20.
That could have a real impact on your electricity bill.

Setting Up - $1096.92

LabourThe cost here comes from the extra labour required to set up the equipment.

After speaking to a few people who have used standard contact, we worked out it takes about 10 minutes a day to set up.

So If you have 1 employee applying adhesive, that’s 50 minutes a week.
According to Payscale, the average hourly rate for a joiner is $24.93
That works out to be $4.16 a day, and $91.41 a month.
That’s $1096.92 you could be saving per employee applying adhesive  in one year.


(Hourly rate ÷60) x minutes spent setting up  = Cost to set up
Cost to set up x 260 = set up cost per year

Cleaning Up - $1096.92

CleaningAgain, the cost is from the extra time your employees have to put in.

Companies who have previously used contact adhesive told us they could spend another 10 minutes a day, just cleaning up.
Multiply that by the average hourly rate of $24.93
That’s $1096.92  worth of your employee’s time each year when they aren’t adding value to your business.


(Hourly rate ÷60) x minutes spent cleaning = clean up cost
Clean up cost  x 260 = clean up cost per year

Expensive Disposables - $704

What you throw awayYou lose out on about 5% of the adhesive in every drum.
If the drum costs you $85, then that’s $4.25

If you use 4 drums a month, that’s $17, and in a year, it’s $204


5% x Adhesive Drum Cost = wasted cost per drum
Wasted cost per drum x how many drums you use a month = monthly cost
Monthly cost x 12 = yearly cost

If you forget to clean out the gun and pot after finishing for the day, the leftover adhesive can cure, making it unusable – and in need of replacement.

These are expensive. A replacement can cost over $100.
Even if you only need to replace your gun and pot 5 times a year – it’s costly!


Gun & Pot Cost x Replacements Made Each Year = Replacement Cost Per Year

Free Your Business From These Costs

TensorGripThere is an adhesive system that;
•    Uses no air compressor
•    Requires minimal cleaning and setting up
•    Has no expensive disposables.

It’s called TensorGrip.

These are canister based adhesives. This means the adhesive is packaged in containers that use aerosol technology. In production, adhesive is placed inside them along with propellant.

So the canister is home to the adhesive and the delivery system. That’s why there’s no air compressor needed.
The propellant also makes spraying the adhesive easier. Instead of atomising, the adhesive goes exactly where you direct the gun . This makes for a much faster clean up.

Setting up takes seconds with TensorGrip. Once you open the canister, you leave it open until it is completely empty. So when you begin to use it the next day, you can pick up the gun and get going.

There is no pouring of adhesive into a pot. The adhesive is self contained. No air gets to it, so it doesn’t cure until it is sprayed. This means there is no waste of the adhesive, and no extra money spent on replacing pot guns.

So minimise your costs and liberate your business by choosing TensorGrip.

To find out more about how TensorGrip can help you specifically, contact us on 02 6175 0574 or