What is TensorGrip?

TensorGrip is a self-contained Adhesive system of industrial strength adhesive, suitable for many different applications. TensorGrip is unique, in that it is a portable system that can easily be transported onto most worksites. TensorGrip is beneficial in many industries because of its fast tack-off and almost instant bond strength. These unique features streamline production processes reducing the requirement of downtime for drying and eliminating the need for mechanical fixings.

Choosing the Right Adhesive

Start by selecting your industry. Then look for adhesives for the substrates you are using. Finally, check the properties of the suitable adhesives to find the right one for your application.


You're building your business on quality work.  So are we.  Tensor developers understand the need for tough, long-lasting bonds that will stand the test of time and continual wear.  That's why companies in construction industries look to us for many varied adhesive solutions - everything from insulation to wall coverings and beyond.  The applications are endless…and so will the bond be!

Core Products in the Construction Range 

TensorGrip® X40 was developed in conjunction with the acoustic industry for all acoustic panel bonding applications.