Ductlining can be a pretty tedious (not to mention, unsafe) task.  But Tensor has reinvented the job - and now it's easy AND safe!  No more brushing or rolling on messy contact cement.  No more waiting for slow water-based glue to dry.  Speed up your ductlining process with spray solvent-based contact.  Safety?  Got that taken care of with non-flammable.

Available Products

TensorGrip - H11N - Non-Flam PSA Upholstery

A ZERO-FLAM web spray adhesive suitable for insulation and metal sheeting bonding applications.

Product Details

TensorGrip - H30 - Extra Hi-Grab HVAC Spray Adhesive

Designed to bond quilt and fibrous insulation materials and fabrics in duct work and HVAC markets.

Product Details