Foam and Upholstery

Who has time to deal with excess mess transferring adhesive from drums to pumps?  The foam and upholstery market is a fast-paced business.  That's why we invested our time and expertise to help you save on YOUR processes.  By combining Tensor with your workforce, we can improve your productivity and profitability.

Core Products in the Foam and Upholstery Range 

TensorGrip F20

TensorGrip® F20 Fast Drying Foam and Upholstery Adhesive has a very fast tack time, perfect for bonding carpet, fabric and foam.

TensorGrip F31

TensorGrip® F31 Hi-Temp Foam and Upholstery Spray Adhesive has exceptionally tough curing properties and high temperature resistance, perfect for bonding demanding fabric, thin fabric, foam and synthetic leather.

TensorGrip F40

TensorGrip® F40 Aggressive Tack Spray Adhesive has an extremely high tack, perfect for multi-purpose applications, such as foam, carpet tile, thin, and thick fabrics.

F43 Canister

TensorGrip® F43 Single Sided Webbing Spray Adhesive is a fast tack solution for single sided webbing applications.



Domestic Furniture

Large blocks of foam and big sheets of fabric. The reason why Tensor developed a highly aggressive single-sided adhesive to make your life easier - both in application and in the finished item.

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Office Furniture

A diverse range of materials deserves uniquely developed products to give unrivalled bond satisfaction.  All developed to save you time and increase your bottom line.

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When you're looking for speed and ease of application, Tensor has the answer.  A highly engineered range of adhesives developed to give the fastest bond results while making less mess.  

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