HVAC and Insulation

High temperature resistance. Flammability.  Tight space requirements.  We've considered it all and designed simple, safe solutions just for the HVAC/Insulation industry.  Have a look for yourself!

Core Products in the HVAC Range 

TensorGrip® H30 Designed to bond quilt and fibrous insulation materials and fabrics in duct work and HVAC markets.

TensorGrip® H50 Designed for permanent bonding to all types of slab insulation as well as fibrous quilts & slab materials, where immediate bond strength and good heat resistance are required.






Ductlining can be a pretty tedious (not to mention, unsafe) task.  But Tensor has reinvented the job - and now it's easy AND safe!  No more brushing or rolling on messy contact cement.  No more waiting for slow water-based glue to dry.  Speed up your ductlining process with spray solvent-based contact.  Safety?  Got that taken care of with non-flammable.

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Such a key part of the industry, yet such a menial task.  So Tensor has been working hard to improve the insulation task.  Easy application, quick dry.  Let's minimize the glue hassle.

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Wall Panels

No more waiting for the adhesive to cure.  Get rid of messy adhesives.  Streamline the process of installing insulated wall panels with the leading-edge technology of Tensor.

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