Wall Panels

No more waiting for the adhesive to cure.  Produce SIPs faster than ever before.  Install wall protection and panels at lightning speed.  Welcome to the speed of Tensor!

Available Products

Insta-Grip X40 - High Performance MS Polymer Based Adhesive

INSTA-GRIP X40 partners with TensorGrip X40 spray adhesive to secure acoustic panneling to ceilings and other overhead spaces.

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TensorGrip - C11 - Performance Panel Adhesive

Industrial grade spray adhesive formulated specifically to bond insulated panel materials to GRP and Plywood.

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TensorGrip - C12 - Hi-Build, Hi-Tack Spray Adhesive

A web spray adhesive that is suitable for polystyrene and concrete bonding applications.

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TensorGrip - C40 - Hi Tack Primer Adhesive

Designed to create a super tacky primed surface, to allow better adhesion for D/S and butyl tapes.

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TensorGrip - X40 - Acoustic Panel Spray Adhesive

Developed in conjunction with the Acoustic industry, X40 is a web spray adhesive designed for use in fabricating acoustic wall panels.

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