TensorGrip - M60 - Ultra Low Profile Spray Adhesive

TensorGrip M60 is designed especially for materials used in boat outfitting that require a smooth and flawless finish on thin and glossy substrates such as veneers and laminates.

Bonding with a variety of the highest-class materials used in high-end yachts, this low profile, high performance mist spray adhesive is perfect for post forming and is also Low VOC–California Compliant.


  • Low VOC California compliant (SCAQMD Rule 1168 Compliant
  • Post-formable
  • Doesn’t telegraph through substrates
  • Fast. High tack
  • Excellent high coverage
  • 80% of final strength achieved immediately
  • Full strength achieved in 24 hours
  • Over 200°F (95°C) temperature resistant

Developed For:

  • High Gloss/Def Laminate
  • Post-Forming


  • California Compliant
  • Mist Spray