I am new to TensorGrip, How do I use this system?


Please read our Spray Manual or watch how How2 tutorials on our Youtube Channel. You can also phone us on 02 6175 0574 to speak to one of our Business Development Managers.


My TensorGrip Adhesive is spraying funny, what do I do?


There are a number of reasons why your gun may not be working correctly.

  1. Check that you have the correct gun tip for the adhesive that you are using by referring to our Tip Chart.

  2. Check that the gun tip is not clogged. If there is a buildup of adhesive on the gun tip, you should clean the tip and then try spraying again.

  3. Is your canister getting cold? In cold weather, the adhesive will thicken and you will find yourself getting a thick gluggy spray pattern. During application, adhesives should be kept between 16 and 27 degrees C. Do not place your canister directly onto a concrete floor. This will cause the canister to cool down, especially in cold environments. If your canister is still getting cold you may like to try using a heater belt or some blankets to keep your adhesive within working temperatures.


What do I do with my canister when it is empty?


When your canister is empty, we recommend recycling the canister at any steel recycling centre. There are a few steps you need to follow to ensure the recycling centre will accept your empty canisters, so please read our Canister Disposal Tips Sheet. Please remember that your gun and hose are reusable so don’t throw them out with the empty canister.


My Gun Is leaking. What do I do?


Please see our Gun Maintenance Tips Sheet for information on how to fix gun leaks.


I am not getting the coverage you suggest from my canister.


How you spray your TensorGrip adhesive will greatly impact the coverage you get from your canister. Please read the Spray Manual or watch the How2 Spray Video to ensure you are not applying too much adhesive onto your substrates.


My adhesive is not sticking to my substrates.


Is it hot and humid? If yes then you may not be leaving your adhesive to dry for long enough before placing the substrates together. In humid environments, the adhesive can take longer to tack off and if you place the substrates together before it is dry, you may find that the adhesive will get a layer of condensation beneath it and will not stick to the substrate. Try adding a fan to the environment or waiting a little longer for the adhesive to tack off before joining your substrates.


If it is not hot and humid then you may have the incorrect adhesive for your application, please call your local Business Development Manager on 02 6175 0574 for advice.