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Matt In Thailand

Our Sales Director had an expedition into Asia last month. He went to attend a tradeshow and visit key clients, but it ended up a more wayward adventure…

A misadventure in Asia

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Confused Canister

TensorGrip hoses are unique to our spray adhesive system. They play an important role in making sure the entire canister system works at optimum performance.

It’s important you know which hose is best to get maximum performance from your adhesive. There are three types of hoses you can use with TensorGrip.


TensorGrip Hoses: Which One Should I Use?

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How solvents in glue are fizzing your brain permanently (and what to do about it)

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Adhesives need to keep warm in the winter.

Cozy Canister
If they get too cold, after a night spent in subzero temperatures, you’ll notice the adhesive will spray out wet and you'll get drips from the gun.

Keeping your adhesive warm this winter

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Adhesives for your industry. Strength to last a lifetime.

Tensor adhesive are created for industry. Heavy industry. Your industry. With the sole intent of making glue application in all industries faster, safer and easier. Why? Because we believe that you've got more than just glue to worry about.
Welcome to Tensor. Who said gluing isn't fun?

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