Adhesives for you!

Cured Adhesive Flammability

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TensorGrip uses technology to create an adhesive system. A system with the sole intent of boosting your productivity and profitability – but not at the cost of quality.

It does this by being ultra efficient. It streamlines your process; reducing the effort and resource you have to put in, while growing your results.

Time Money Health

Why TensorGrip - Time, Money & Health

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Not by boiling dead horse remains.
It may have been that way many years ago, but at Quin Global we use a more humane way to make adhesives.
Our adhesives have 2 basic ingredients;

The Art of Adhesives: How Our Glue is Made

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Standard contact adhesive can be a bottleneck in your production process. By working out the maths, we identified 2 main reasons why;

2 Reasons Adhesive is A Bottleneck In Your Production Process

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Adhesives for your industry. Strength to last a lifetime.

Tensor adhesive are created for industry. Heavy industry. Your industry. With the sole intent of making glue application in all industries faster, safer and easier. Why? Because we believe that you've got more than just glue to worry about.
Welcome to Tensor. Who said gluing isn't fun?

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